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Car Rental and Van Rentals Oklahoma


Renting a car or van makes sense in a lot of different situations. When visiting family for example, getting a Oklahoma car rental is much more convenient than trying to coordinate sharing the family car. When traveling a far distance, it is likely you won't be possible to bring along your car. And even if you are not venturing that far from home, sometimes you just want to see what it's like to drive something different like a convertible, an expensive import, or a fully-equipped luxury sedan.

Renting a car doesn't have to be a hassle and it usually won't be if you plan ahead. Here's what you need to know about renting a car.

Oklahoma Car Rental Operating Tips

  1. When you are renting a car, the Oklahoma car rental operator will not ask you to prove that you know how to drive. He or she will just ask you to produce a valid driver's license (and possibly an international driver's permit). You'll likely have to use a credit card when renting a car. If you get into an accident or cause damage to the rental car, the Oklahoma car rental agency can bill your credit card for the amount of any damages.
  2. Unless you're renting a car in a foreign country or you're renting something out of the ordinary, rental cars will operate as you'd expect. Normal rental car operating procedures won't need to be explained. But the Oklahoma car rental operator should take time to point out any special, unique or safety features of the car. For example, if you are unsure how an installed global positioning system (GPS) works, the car rental operator should demonstrate that feature of the car rental or SUV rental.
  3. Always inspect your rental car with the car rental Oklahoma agency operator before you sign the car rental agreement or car rental contract and before you leave the premises. Make sure the brake lights, reverse lights, turning signals, brakes, horn and wiper blades are operating properly. Double check the mileage too. Make note of existing rental car damage and inconsistencies in the mileage. Make sure the Oklahoma car rental operator is in agreement with any notations about the rental truck.
  4. When renting a car, the rental agency will likely try and sell you collision and damage insurance. It is a good idea to have such insurance to cover you from accidents while in the rental car Oklahoma, whether they are your fault or someone else's. ALWAYS check with your credit card company, because they may have car rental insurance built into the services they offer you for carrying their card, and this feature that some card companies have could save you money. Check the amount they will cover you for, and if you do not feel that this is enough, take an "add on" policy with the Oklahoma van rental company. It is important to note that not all credit cards provide this coverage, so each individual's case is different and must be investigated as such.

Oklahoma Rental Car Safety Equipment

When renting a car, it is important to make sure you have the following:

  1. Plenty of gas in your auto rental Oklahoma, especially if you are unsure how soon or how often you will have the opportunity to refill the tank.
  2. Detailed maps of the areas where you will be traveling.
  3. A fully charged cell phone and a cell phone battery charger that will work in the type of car rental you plan to rent. If you'll be in a foreign country, ask about car adapter compatibility while at the rental car Oklahoma agency.
  4. The phone number for the Oklahoma car rental agency that you can call, any hour of the day, in case of an accident or other emergency.
  5. The phone number and address of the place where you will be staying while renting a car.
  6. A wallet with cash and identification.
  7. Your automobile club membership card (if you have one), including phone numbers to use in case of emergency.
  8. A spare tire and appropriate tools for your Oklahoma truck rental or Oklahoma car rental.
  9. A child safety seat. If you will need one, be sure to request a car seat when you make your reservation for the rental car. Reconfirm that a car seat is included in your reservation. That way, there's a better chance it will be there waiting for you and that it will be appropriate for your child's age and size.
  10. A copy of your current automobile insurance policy.

Safe Driving Practices for Oklahoma Rental Cars

  1. Always take a few moments to become familiar with the Oklahoma car rental and its controls before getting on the road. Adjust your mirrors, set the interior temperature, and know how to turn on lights, blinkers, wipers, etc. on our new Oklahoma SUV rental or other car rental.
  2. Obey all posted signs while in your truck rental. International road signs are different from those you see in your country, so it's important to recognize and understand the various road signs you're likely to encounter.
  3. Never exceed the posted speed limits while in your Oklahoma rental car.
  4. Park only in designated areas while in your SUV rental Oklahoma.
  5. Never operate a rental car while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. Slow down when operating the Oklahoma rental car in wet, icy, or snowy conditions and also when visibility is reduced.
  7. Always lock the auto rental Oklahoma when it is parked and never leave your valuables unattended.
  8. Make sure everyone in the rental truck wears their seatbelt.
  9. Never stop to assist a stranger and never pull off the road or exit your vehicle unless you are absolutely certain of the situation. Rental cars are prime targets for theft and other unlawful activity.
  10. Try to blend into your surroundings and know where you are going beforehand so you don't have to constantly look at the map or ask directions. When you look like a visitor, you'll often be treated like a visitor and unfortunately, that won't always be a good thing.
  11. Stop driving the SUV rental when you feel you are getting tired.

Oklahoma Car Rentals

10-30-09 What constitutes as one day with a Oklahoma rental car?

With most rental car companies, one day means 24 hours with the rental car. After 24 hours, usually even if it is an hour, you will be charged the car rental rate of two days with the Oklahoma rental car.

10-26-09 When traveling with a child in a Oklahoma car rental, should I bring my own child's car seat or will the rental car company supply one?

Most rental car companies will supply a car seat if reserved in advance, but you may also bring your own. Since each Oklahoma rental car company is different, it is always best to check with the car rental company before you rent the rental car.

10-16-09 How long can I keep a Oklahoma car rental?

In most cases, you can keep car rentals for as long as you need them for. If you know you will need Oklahoma car rentals for an extended period of time, some car rental companies offer long term car rental agreements that have lower car rental rates than those that are renting car rentals for a short period of time. Check with your rental car company to see if they offer this type of rental car agreement.

10-5-09 What types of Oklahoma car rentals do I typically have to choose from?

Most Oklahoma car rental companies have a wide variety of car rentals to choose from. Oklahoma auto rentals range in size and types and typically include small car rentals, midsize car rentals and fullsize car rentals. Some Oklahoma car rental companies also offer luxury car rentals and sports car rentals as well. Make sure to ask your car rental company if you are looking for something specific.

9-28-09 How old do I have to be to rent a Oklahoma rental car?

Most Oklahoma car rental companies will require that the driver of the rental car be at least 25 years old. However, some Oklahoma rental car companies allow people under the age of 25 to rent a car if they pay an extra fee for their car rental.

Oklahoma Van Rentals

11-2-09 What are cargo van rentals?

Cargo van rentals are van rentals that provide room for mostly cargo. Cargo van rentals seat two passengers and can hold equipment, tools and other cargo in the back. Not all Oklahoma van rental companies offer cargo van rentals, so be sure to ask your Oklahoma van rental company if you need these van rentals.

10-26-09 What types of van rentals do most Oklahoma van rental companies offer?

Many Oklahoma van rental companies offer minivan rentals, __15 passenger van rentals__, 12 passenger van rentals and caravan rentals. If you are looking for a specific van rental for your trip, be sure to check with the van rental company you are renting the van from to see if they offer the van rental you are looking for__.

10-21-09 What type of van rental should I get if I need to carry a lot of luggage and materials, but not many van rental passengers?

The van rental you are looking for if you are only looking to transport materials or equipment rather than passengers is a cargo van rental. Cargo van rentals are designed to carry large amounts of belonging, with only two seat in the front for passengers riding in the van rentals.

10-14-09 Do most Oklahoma van rental companies offer minivan rentals?

It varies from van rental company to van rental company, but most van rental companies do offer minivan rentals as a part of their fleet of van rentals. It is best to check with the van rental company you are renting from to see if they have the right van rentals for you.

9-16-09 How many passengers can fit into a Oklahoma van rental?

It depends on the Oklahoma van rental you choose. Typically van rentals range from 15 passenger van rentals to 12 passenger van rentals to minivan rentals that seat up to 7 passengers.

Oklahoma SUV Rentals and Truck Rentals Oklahoma

11-6-09 Do most Oklahoma truck rental companies deliver truck rentals for those renting a truck?

Most Oklahoma truck rental companies most likely do not deliver their truck rentals to the person renting a truck. Some truck rental companies may offer a pick-up service for you if you do not have transportation to the truck rental facility. Be sure to check with the truck rental company to see what their policy is on truck rentals.

10-28-09 What types of Oklahoma truck rentals do most truck rental companies offer?

Most truck rental companies offer a variety of truck rentals, such as pickup truck rentals, moving truck rentals and flatbed truck rentals. The type of truck rental that Oklahoma truck rental companies offer greatly depends on the type of auto rental company they are. If you are looking for a specific truck rental, we recommend contacting the Oklahoma truck rental company beforehand to see what types of truck rentals they offer.

10-23-09 Is an SUV rental or truck rental safer than a Oklahoma car rental?

There has been talk that SUV rentals and truck rentals are safer than the average car rental because of the fact that they are larger and higher off of the ground. While both Oklahoma SUV rentals and Oklahoma truck rentals are very safe, we believe that Oklahoma car rentals are just as safe. It is primarily up to the driver of the SUV rental, or car rental to determine whether they will allow themselves to be safe inside the auto rental.

10-15-09 What is the difference between a mid size SUV rental and a full size SUV rental?

Mid size SUV rentals seats 7 passengers and is comparable to a Sazuki XL7 SUV rental model. Full size SUV rentals seats 8 passengers and includes models such as the Ford Expedition or the Chevy Suburban SUV rental model.

9-17-09 What kinds of Oklahoma SUV rentals are available to rent?

Many companies offer both full size SOklahoma UV rentals and mid size Oklahoma SUV rentals. A full size SUV rental, such as a Chevy Suburban, will seat up to 8 people and carry 7-8 pieces of luggage, while a mid size SUV rental, such as a Ford Escape, will seat up to 7 people and carry 2-3 pieces of luggage.

9-8-09 Why should I consider renting a truck?

Many people rent trucks when they have a lot of cargo or need to haul large items. Some companies have Oklahoma truck rentals such as pickup trucks, as well as large moving truck rentals.